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House Construction Fast Facts: What You Need to Know Before Investing in a Duplex

When presented with the opportunity to buy dual occupancy homes, the first question you might ask yourself is “why should I?” There is no straightforward answer, to be honest. While a duplex can potentially serve as a great investment for either a landlord or a homeowner, you should first carefully consider several things before you purchase any of these multi-family properties.

On Duplexes:

1.       They offer high yield and high growth for the investor. However, these come with greater risks than just buying the individual house and land packages or the pre-designed homes Melbourne real estate agents offer.

2.       They are an excellent option for someone who wants to invest strategically but doesn’t have a lot of time at their disposal.

3.       They are positively geared which means that dual occupancy homes have the potential to create equity in a calculated manner. If well-purchased, they can make for positive cash flows from the very beginning.

4.       They would be a great choice for retirees since they create the ability to fast-track wealth. Check Latitude 37 for more details.

5.       They are allowed in only certain councils. Both Queensland and New South Wales are more favorable towards these types of housing units due to the population growth.

On Investing:

1.       You will get what you pay for so you should not purchase dual occupancy homes according to just the price tag. As tempting below-market rates may be, there are reasons why they are so low.

2.       You need to have the capacity to cover the 20 percent deposit in equity before you can buy. While this can be achieved with a lower deposit, you could be facing greater financial risks in the future.

3.       You are given the option to lease them out and earn on-going high-interest returns of your investment. Renting out both units would mean two income revenues to pick up, after all.

4.       You need to be able to service a big loan from the bank or any other reliable financial institution in your area so you can pay off those townhouse builders Melbourne construction firms have available.

5.       You might be able to get a no strata title structure which would reduce the holding costs and add more to the rental returns. Additionally, it would provide you greater control over the expenses for both properties.

6.       You have the option to have the properties designed as one big house to attract more tenants. This, in turn, can lead to better street value, higher curb side appeal, and greater capital growth.

For many, a duplex is one of the smartest ways you can invest, especially with the real estate market in Australia today. Not only can it offer a higher rental yield per square metre but it can also generate equity more quickly. It maximizes the potential of the land without requiring a subdivision for two properties to be built.

Getting help and advice from experts will ensure that you don’t have to go through the process on your own. Avoid mistakes and save time by getting in touch with only the best dual occupancy builders Melbourne construction firms have available today.

Of course, investing in duplexes should not be a one-size-fits-all option for your portfolio. Hopefully, the list above has given you ideas on what you should prepare before signing a contract.  For more info, visit

Small Bathroom Renovations: How to Prepare

Renovating a bathroom is an important home improvement project. If you are intending to undertake this kind of a project, consider the amount of money you have and the size of the facility to be remodeled. In case you are preparing for small bathroom renovations, ensure you understand both the unexpected and expected costs you may incur. Expenses include flooring, fixtures and appliances, countertops, and cabinets. A large amount of money may be spent when acquiring the permits and during the designing and construction stages.

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It is not advisable to undertake large improvement project if you have no enough funds to take you through. Small bathroom renovations usually involve plumbing, gas, and electrical expertise. Hiring a reputable bathroom planning expert is one of the best ways that can help you keep the renovation project on budget. Working with a professional designer will enable you to reduce unnecessary costs by providing design alternatives and efficient space planning. Most importantly, he or she will help you avoid costly errors brought about by misinformation and inexperience.

Preparing for bathroom remodeling:


During the planning stage, whether you are working with an architect or any other expert, it is necessary to be open and honest on matters regarding your priorities and budget. This will definitely make it possible for the professional to come up with a product that can meet your expectations and requirements. When it comes to affordable bathroom renovations, proper planning is essential. Listing the features within the bathroom so as to distinguish between the sufficient ones and those that need to be eliminated or updated is recommendable. The most important or the useful features should be at the top of the list. Click here CMD Plumbing


Taking correct and accurate measurements will enable you to know the actual size of the room. It will also be easy for you to determine the actual location of the electrical wiring and existing plumbing lines within the facility. You will also need accurate and correct measurements when shopping so as to purchase items of the right sizes and those that can fit in the intended places.


Consider planning a budget after identifying and determining all your needs. Set aside enough money to meet the cost of building materials and the labor. In case you lack or you have limited know-how in matters regarding bathroom renovations, consider seeking assistance from a reputable professional to help you know the type of building materials to buy. Setting aside some money to meet surprise costs is highly recommendable when it comes to affordable bathroom renovations Melbourne professionals provide. The amount can be used to cater for unexpected costs such as structural, plumbing, or electrical work which may arise during the project.

Hiring a contractor and starting the project

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy job. It comprises numerous complex and difficult operations. If you lack the required skills and expertise, think of hiring a contractor. This will enable you to save time and money. Be extremely careful when making decisions and selections for small bathroom renovations. Consider sticking to your plan during the entire process. Communicating openly and efficiently with your design professional and contractor will enable the total bathroom renovations to stay on budget and on schedule.

Top Plumbing Problems Homeowners Should Know Before Calling Experts

Smart homeowners in Chatswood are skilled at spotting and fixing small plumbing issues before they become major issues. Plumbing issues can occur in any home, anytime. That is why homeowners rely mostly on a plumber Chatswood wide to be available whenever they experience any plumbing emergency. There are a wide range of plumbing issues that can spring up in the normal home. Some plumbing issues are more typical than others and are easier to fix. Doing the repairs for these common plumbing problems yourself can save you hundreds of dollars but if you do not have the skills and experience, it is best to rely on a professional Sydney plumber Chatswood has to offer. Related image Before you hire services of an expert plumber Chatswood has today, make sure to take note of these common plumbing problems and fixes. This can help you save money instead of spending it on a technician to solve a simple plumbing issue.
  • Slow Draining Sink. A sink that is draining gradually is a very common plumbing issue. Frequently, the pop-up that is used to stop up the sink can gather a ton of hair and debris after some time. To get the drain flowing easily again, make sure to remove any debris. One way to do this is to use the Zip-it, a convenient plumbing device, to clean out the drain. Another alternative is to expel the pop-up and remove debris.
  • Leaking Pipes. Most pipes will start to spill close to the joints, so look out for wet spots on the ground or roof. Water damage to your home can be very exorbitant, so it is important to fix leaky pipes immediately. This is a repair that is messy, and depending upon the cause of the leak and how old your pipes are, it can turn into a more concerning issue if it isn’t settled immediately. Make sure to call a licenced plumber Chatswood has today to fix leaky pipes. See more Ready Set Plumb
  • Constantly Running Toilets. A running toilet happens when water from the tank flows into the bowl constantly. This could be a result of the flapper valve letting the water through, or an improperly balanced float, or a fill tube issue. These things are generally easy to fix at home with toilet repair kits, but only if you know how to do it. When you make incorrect installation and repairs, you might aggravate the damage and bring about more serious issues. Calling on an expert plumber Chatswood Sydney has today will ensure that your running toilet problem is fixed.
  • Dripping Faucets. That dripping faucet not just wastes water, it also wastes cash on your water bills. These leaks happen regularly from malfunctioning washers on the tap which will shape a watertight seal. After some time they can dry out or become damaged, which makes the water spill through. While you can do the repair yourself, it can be troublesome if you don’t have the correct devices and the right washers.
  • Jammed Garbage Disposal. A jammed garbage disposal is also one of the common plumbing issues. Many people lose the nifty key that accompanies the garbage disposal to help unjam it. Luckily, an Allen wrench can be used to unjam your garbage disposal. At the extremely base of the disposal, there is an opening to embed the key. With the help of a 1/4 inch Allen wrench, you can free the motor by simply turning the key in both directions.
Before handling any repair, turn off the central conduit. Make sure to keep an expert plumber’s number handy for future reference. You may not require the number, but if you snap off a valve and have a fountain in your kitchen, you’ll be happy you kept it close to your telephone. It is also vital to buy plumber Chatswood Sydney has to offer to ensure that you get quality service. Click here for more information