Home Beautification Projects: The Best Materials for Your Patio

The options for building materials for a patio run the gamut. Whether you choose concrete, pavers, bricks or flagstone, your choice will create a different look for your patio. It is, therefore, important to learn about each of these materials before you build with the help of construction experts specializing on patio Perth has. This will educate you about each option and why they are suited for certain applications. At the same time, if you have a specific theme for your home, you can make your patio become an extension of your home by choosing a consistent design theme.

What type of patio material is the right choice? Here are some options to consider before you look for Perth patio builders.


The application of flagstone for building patios Perth currently has adds a distinctive color and characteristic to your outdoor space. This unique appearance can be attributed to the natural process from which the flagstone material developed from. It is a result of the slow but gradual accumulation of different layers of substances such as clay, sand, and mineral. Common color options for flagstone are red, buff and blue. There are also different regional varieties so you can ask your local supplier or consult patio installers Perth has that you are working with for suggestions. Click here Perth Better Homes


If you are on a tight budget, a concrete patio is your best choice because it is the most inexpensive material on this list. When you choose this material though, it is important to choose only the best builders with expertise on patio Perth can offer. Proper installation and maintenance are vital to making concrete durable. On the other hand, not properly installing this could lead to cracking when exposed to elements such as the sun, rain, and snow.

Water runoff from the rain is one of the biggest issues plaguing concrete patio. Make sure that the shape, depth, and slope of your patio is well-planned in order to facilitate ease of runoff. This should also be coupled with a good drainage system.

Patio Pavers

Pavers for patios can come in a wide range of types and styles such as clay, concrete, natural stone and recycled plastic. However, the most common types that are recommended for use on patios are stone and concrete. These two types are expected to last for many years and will not fade as quickly as other materials.

Clay Brick

A time-enduring and classic choice of material for your patio are clay brick. This offers a distinguished aesthetic appeal that is a cross between contemporary and traditional. Since bricks are able to retain their warm and rich color, they are ideal for patios. In addition, they are also easy to DIY since you can place them directly on a dry bed of sand and there is no need for mortar. There are also different types and colors of bricks, which gives you endless opportunities in creating various looks for your home’s patio.

Whatever material you choose, the beauty of your patio will depend on the quality and expertise of patio Perth builders you hire for the job. Hence, choose only the best and most experienced ones you can find in Perth or your local area. You can learn more about one of Perth’s most recognizable builders specializing in patios and outdoor spaces at http://www.perthbetterhomes.com.au.